Our support workers can assist you with Daily Living.
Some tasks our Support Workers can assist you with include:
Getting out and about in the community including driving you to places or accompanying you on public transport
Household tasks like cleaning, cooking or gardening
Achieving your health and fitness goals including
Supporting you to participate in sports
Helping you access gyms
Going for a walk with you
Getting to and from appointments
Paying bills and learning to budget
Filling in forms and making appointments

Supports can be provided at home or in the community.

Going shopping and buying groceries
Study for your learner’s test
Listening and talking to you

Stay in touch


    Support Workers can assist young people to learn road rules and get their Learner’s Permit. Support Workers help the young person cover the ‘Road to Solo Driving’ handbook and go online to do practice tests. Once the young person is confident, the Support Worker can help them book the Hazards Test and assist with attending the venue for their test.

    Email: support@dcaplus.org.au