Get Connected is our online mentorship program.  We help young people build resources, solve challenges, and participate in fun activities.

Our Get Connected program is designed for deaf and hard of hearing young people. We can help you to:

Build relationships
Learn new skills
Connect with young people just like you
We offer Get Connected Sessions for both 8-11 years and 12-15 years. Get Connected supports both Auslan and Spoken English. Auslan interpreters and Live Captions will be available, supporting all communication needs.

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    Read what others had to say about our Get Connected Program:
    “The mentors were awesome. Connected well with everyone and helped us to have fun.”
    “I have learnt the deeper meaning of Self Advocacy, and I learnt more about the deaf community.”

    “The Mentors were great. Good to see friendly role models, especially for children in regional centres who don't meet many!”

    “I just enjoyed meeting other deaf teens like me.”

    Get Connected is a program designed to create lasting friendships and connections. We can help you to build a supportive network of friends, just like you.

    Get Connected can also help you to:

    Build resilience
    Solve challenges
    Participate in fun activities
    Access a supporting environment created by our inspiring mentors
    Reach your full potential

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