Category: Deafness and Hearing Loss

Assistive Technology

This fact-sheet helps you to understand some of the assistive technologies that are available to support your child

Hearing Devices

There are different types of hearing aids and devices, and this fact sheet helps to provide information on hearing devices

Measuring Hearing

This fact sheet helps you to understand the methods used to measure and quantify hearing levels

Genetic Hearing Loss

This fact sheet provides a contact list of organisations that can help you to investigate potential genetic causes of hearing loss

How The Ear Works

This fact sheet provides information on how the ear works

Hearing Loss Terminology

This fact sheet covers important hearing loss terminology for new parents

Types of Hearing Loss

This fact sheet covers the many different types of hearing loss, and insights into how you can best support your child’s hearing needs

Degrees of Hearing Loss

This fact sheet covers various degrees of hearing loss, and what each one might mean for your child

Recognising Hearing Loss

This fact sheet can help you to recognise some of the early signs of hearing loss for your child