StepUp2HighSchool is our one-of-a-kind national workshop. Through StepUp, we provide deaf and hard of hearing youth with the tools to make their way through high school.

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    Whether your child is currently in high school, or about to enter high school, we will look at:
    Creating new friends
    Catching public transport
    Managing bullying / cyber-bullying and reporting it
    Navigating having more than one teacher
    Going from primary school with a deaf facility to a mainstream high school
    Knowing how to explain your needs to teachers who are new to DHH students
    Standing out as being different
    Having the confidence to speak out

    StepUp2HighSchool is led by our Deaf and Hard of Hearing mentors. They have lived experience, and are passionate about supporting young people.

    We provide a bilingual environment of Auslan and spoken English – supporting all forms of communication.

    Whether you’re just beginning your high-school journey, or are already in high-school – StepUp2HighSchool can support you.