Kayla Trinder-Scacco

Support Coordinator
“If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you want.”
0407 318 436

Kayla Trinder-Scacco is one of our Support Coordinators, and began working with our team in 2022. She has experienced firsthand the struggles that deaf people can face, and is driven to help people overcome barriers using the NDIS as a tool – creating a pathway to bring more equality into the world.

One of Kayla’s main goals is to ensure that all participants are satisfied with what they have – in addition to being satisfied with the opportunities we can bring to them to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Kayla hopes to show everyone that having a disability does not prevent you from achieving what you aspire to be. Her main drive to succeed is seeing all of the smiles on her participant’s happy faces, as she is able to support them to reach their goals.

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